2 Meter Primary Repeater: 146.960 (-600 kHz)
EchoIRLP Installed
Located in Bankhead National Forest at ~1,100ft. Elevation.
– 60 Watts Output
– 107.2 Hz PL Tone (PL is active at times)
– Full Generator & Battery Backup Emergency Power
– Weather Net Access into Local Area Link Frequency System for Skywarn
(Links with 147.24 in North Central Alabama, 147.36 in NE Alabama, 442.775 in Huntsville, 147.03 in Park City, TN, and 146.82 in Winchester, TN.)
– Echolink Node #523154 Callsign KN4CI-R; IRLP Node #8003

2 Meter Secondary Repeater: 145.270 (-600 kHz)
Located at Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency
– 60 Watts RF Output to the antenna
– 107.2 Hz Encode/Decode PL Tone
– Generator Backup Emergency Power
– Optimum Lawrence County Coverage

70cm Primary Repeater: 442.425 (+5 MHz)
Located in Bankhead National Forest, Lawrence County, Alabama
– 107.2 Hz Encode/Decode PL Tone
– Integrated 2 Meter Remote Base Transceiver

70cm Secondary Repeater: 444.775 (+5 MHz)
Permanent Link to 145.27 N4IDX Downtown Repeater
Located on Youngtown Mountain, Youngtown, AL (Outside Moulton, AL)
– 107.2 Hz Tone
– 50 Watts of RF Power to the Antenna
– Coverage of Shoals Area/Quad Cities to Moulton

BARC APRS Packet Digipeaters on 144.390 MHz
N4IDX-7 – Located in Bankhead National Forest, Lawrence Co., Alabama
– Coverage of NW Mississippi, North Alabama, S. Tennessee, and NW Georgia
– Integrated Weather Station with Real-Time Weather Data (Click Here to View Weather Data)

BARC’s APRS IGATEs (Internet Gateways) with RX/TX on 144.390 MHz
– KN4CI-10   – RX I-Gate Located outside Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama
– N4JDB-10  – TX/RX I-Gate located in Youngtown, Lawrence County, Alabama