VE Testing

Bankhead Amateur Radio Club, Inc. has established regular Amateur Radio License testing sessions certified through the W5YI VEC. Testing will be provided for all three elements of licensing: Technician, General, and Extra.

At this time, we are scheduling the testing sessions on an as-requested basis.
Pre-registration IS REQUIRED.

All Sessions are held after BARC Club Meetings.
Please arrive at the test site 10 to 15 minutes early to allow for completing the necessary forms.

Please read the following information. It provides what is expected of all applicants and what you need to bring to the testing session.

Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency
The Lehman Wood Building
555 Walnut Street, Moulton, Alabama


$15.00 – Cash Only. Bring Correct Change.
Any retests of an element failed at the same test session will require payment of an additional test fee. Any element that you pass, you may then take the next higher class exam at no extra charge.

Again, Pre-Registration IS REQUIRED. Registration insures enough VEs are available for your testing session and testing materials are prepared accordingly. Notification that you are testing must be received at least two days prior to the testing session.

The FCC now requires everyone to have an email address and to receive an FRN before taking the exam.  For more information, see:

Pre-Register by sending an E-Mail to:

Please include in your e-mail:

– Your Name
– Current Callsign and License Class (if applicable)
– Mailing Address
– Phone Number
– E-Mail Address
–  Your FCC FRN
– Which Element You Are Registering for

Our Volunteer Exam Coordinator, Sonny Blankenship, N4JDB, will reply to your registration message and let you know that your pre-registration has been received.

– A Government-Issued Photo ID
(If no Gov’t-Issued ID is available, two forms of other ID are required!)
–  Your FCC FRN
–  Email Address
– The Original AND A Copy of your current Amateur Radio License
(You must provide a copy, as we keep that copy to submit with your passed element)
– $15 Test Fee (Correct Cash Only)
– Calculator (Optional)

We will Supplies you with Pencils, Pens, and Scratch Paper.

If you already have an FCC Radio License, you must use your FRN Number on the licensing forms. (forms which will be provided at the testing session, you will need your FRN Number, that is located on your current license, which you will be bringing with you).

Prior Arrangements must be made in advance, if special needs are to be accommodated. Please contact us at ‘testing (at)’.

The VE Team does reserve the right to refuse testing for anyone who cannot provide the necessary documentation and identification.

When no photo ID is available, the candidate must present any two of the following items
– Non-Photo ID/Driver’s License
– Social Security Card
– Birth Certificate (Must Have Appropriate Seal)
– Minor’s Work Permit or School Report Card
– Any magazine addressed to the child
– A school yearbook can provide photo proof of the child being tested.

BARC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
Sonny Blankenship, N4JDB
Phone: (256) 303-0848

BARC Volunteer Examiner Team
Sonny Blankenship, N4JDB
Bruce Kelso, K4BDK
Rex Free, KN4CI
David Hicks, N4DPH
David Lowery, KE4DIS
Steven Hoff, N9FC

To Pre-Register or Send Questions, please E-mail Sonny, N4JDB at