Super Site Work Day

Twelve members of the BARC met at the Super Site in Bankhead National Forest to continue work on the repeater system. This site will improve communications for a large portion of the Tennessee Valley.

The following items were accomplished:

Hardline for the 6m transmit antenna was attached and run into the building.
The ancient 2m Remote Base antenna was replaced with a new model donated by a club member.
The hum in the 70cm repeater was corrected and it now puts out a clean 70w at the antenna.
A dish was mounted for communication with the 96 Repeater site (2 miles away).
The standoff was prepared to receive the 900mhz receive antenna when it arrives

Special thanks goes to Dylan Blankenship for the aerial and climbing work while Rex Free and Tom Wright handled some of the technical issues. Other supporting members included Bruce & Betty Kelso, Sonny Blankenship, David Breeden, Todd Winsor, Mark Andrews, David Lowery, Martin Carraway, and David Hicks.

Remaining items at the 96 Site:
Install directional 900mHz transmit antenna, 6m Receive antenna, and communication disc and associated radios.

Remaining items at the Super Site:

Install 900mHz omnidirectional receive antenna & feedline, install communication equipment, and install & tune the radios.

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