Tower Base Set!

On Friday 4/30/21 and Saturday 5/1/21, BARC members met at the Super Site to set a tower base and work on the equipment shack. The club plans for this tower to serve local amateur radio operators, Tennessee Valley Authority readiness activities, and possibly local hikers in the Bankhead National Forest.

The club had support from so many individuals, both on-site and in supporting activities. The late Johnny Burnett (KD4NIH) helped get the building set and the wiring conduit laid. Tom Wright (W4TFW) has contributed countless hours securing the tower, wiring, and equipment. Other individuals provided the concrete. Over the past two years, on-site assistance also came from:

Billy Alexander KM4KTD
Sonny Blankenship N4JDB
David Breeden KN4UVV
Rex Free KC4NI
Todd Henry N9TPE
David Hicks N4DPH
Steven Hoff N9FC
David Lowery KE4DIS
Ed Weatherford KS4B
Kenneth Woody KD4ESP

Leveling the tower base
Base stabilized and ready for concrete
Pouring & settling the concrete
Pouring the concrete
Finishing the concrete base and step
Curing the concrete
Electricians finishing the interior wiring
Freshly painted interior ready for equipment installation

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