Work Day on the 6 meter Repeater site

The BARC held a work day on June 13, 2020 at the 6 meter repeater site. The goal was to get power cable from the meter base to the repeater building. Johnny Burnett, KD4NIH, obtained the conduit and arranged for an excavator expert to assist in locating the conduit and digging the trench. Todd Henry, N9TPE, and Sonny Blankenship, K4JDB, provided their expertise to get the wire and direct the proper installation. About 8 club members worked to get the project ready for Tom Wright, W4TFT, the electrician to make the connections. The next obstacle will be setting the tower base in concrete.

N9TPE locating the conduit, KS4B supervising

Carefully avoiding water pipes as N9TPE directs the search for the conduit
Prepping the wire pull. KE4DIS and KS4B

KE4DIS guiding as KD4NIH tows the wire 200 ft to the power pole
N4JDB and N9TPE preparing the wire for the pull
N9TPE guiding the wire as N4JDB controls the spool
N4JDB directing the spool location for smooth payoff.
Wire in trench, up to the radio building
Team (KD4ESP & N4DPH) installing the conduit over the wire, led by N9TPE
Final conduit location
KD4ESP and N9TPE settling the conduit into the bottom of the trench.
BBQ lunch provided by KD4NIH KS4B, KD4ESP, KD4NIH, Jason & Son Excavators, N4JDB, N9TP. KS4T, KM4KTD and N4DPH not shown.

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